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New school year resolutions

What's yours?

  By David Jenkins, CEO directprint.io (help@directprint.io) on 10/1/2018

With the 2018-2019 school year underway it's not too early to make some resoloutions for next year. Our suggestion for your list is to reduce support calls. Printing is one of the main sources of support calls to helpdesk. directprint.io will cut your support calls vs Google Cloud Print together with more visibility and control. Trail directprint.io today, to see whether you can improve your reliability and reduce your support burden.

200 word review:
Acer Chromebook Tab 10

A good first run Chromebook tablet for schools

  By David Jenkins, CEO directprint.io (help@directprint.io) on 7/18/2018

Price: Expensive for a 10” Chromebook - £298 / $388 (UK: shop.bt.com)
Performance: Enough for general report writing, browsing, video playback fine. Gaming, no.
Screen: Great at default resolution - microscopic maximum resolution of 2048x1538 amazing but unusable.
Navigation: Can be frustrating - vital concept of ‘Home’ missing vs iOS / Android. Closing some apps is fiddly
Stylus: Responsive, fluid but will get lost within 8 minutes of classroom or home use. Get ready to search your couch / classroom floor.
Handwriting recognition: Doesn’t like my scrawl but in all fairness, I can’t read my writing…
Battery life: Runs and runs like a mountain stream in spring. Gets a full working day - easy.
Build quality: Plastic but no yoghurt carton feel. Better than low-end Android offerings.
Storage: More than 20GB available for use
Best bits: Great to see Chromebook innovation
Bad bits: Mine spins easy when placed on a flat surface - annoying, charger is HUGE!
Who should buy: Schools - administration is easy vs iOS.
Who should wait: Home users - wait for Gen 2 Chromebook Tablets
Overall: Great for schools but no iPad killer

ISTE 2018 was HUGE!

Thanks for stopping by, great to meet you.

  By David Jenkins, CEO directprint.io (help@directprint.io) on 7/17/2018

It was great to meet so many educators and tech staff at ISTE 2018. As a company we learned a lot. We listened to your printing woes - we laughed, we cried and we concluded that there's so much more we can do to help you in your mission. Thanks for your input. We are following up with all of you to get you printing ASAP. In the meantime enjoy the summer vacation! See you on the other side...

ISTE 2018

ISTE Chicago set to be best on record. directprint.io booth #2662

  By David Jenkins, CEO directprint.io (help@directprint.io) on 5/17/2018

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) show will be in Chicago on the 24th-27th June 2018 - and it's set to be the best one yet. directprint.io will be there to demonstrate our forthcoming software release which can save Chromebook enabled schools hundreds of dollars in print costs every year, not to mention reduction in environmental impact thru less paper waste and toner expenditure. Come see us in the 'British Pavillion' booth #2662 for a demo and a chat.

How much?

Survey: Schools and businesses don't know their print cost

  By David Jenkins, CEO directprint.io (help@directprint.io) on 4/4/2018

In a recent survey by directprint.io we found that the majority (60%) of schools and businesses that we asked didn't know their total annual print costs. Technology is increasingly allowing IT managers to control and cost reduce critical infrastructure costs, printing is still regarded as a largely uncontrollable cost. At directprint.io, this has given us food for thought as we continue to develop features that will allow IT administrators to save on print costs. More to follow.

The economics of a $17 printer

..seriously $17? Where's the catch?

  By David Jenkins, CEO directprint.io (help@directprint.io) on 4/10/2018

I recently bought a printer in my local supermarket for $17 (GBP 12), it got me thinking about the economics of printers, specifically how printer manufacturers (and supermarkets) can sell a printer for less than 20 dollars. The simple fact is that at less than 20 dollars someone is making a loss. The bill of materials (build cost) of the printer and packaging is likely to approach or exceed $20 itself. This is before you've added in marketing, support, IP licensing, transport, logistics, returns and everything else needed to sell a printer off-the-shelf in a supermarket. So what's the catch? Well if you hadn't already guessed - it's the ink. The printer is a clear-as-day loss-leader for the printer manufacturer. At over $42 for replacement cartridges for the printer, the equation starts to balance out pretty quickly for the manufacturer. This is an extreme example with the ink being twice the price of the printer, but it is a great illustration of the economics at work in the printer industry today. At directprint.io we're working on innovative technology to SAVE YOU MONEY, and to tip the balance of this equation in favour of the consumer - business, education or home user. Look out for product updates which will make your ink go further.