ALP (Alternative Learning Project) aims to create flexible, individualised programmes of learning support for young people who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to access mainstream education.

  • worked with ALP to introduce a unique cloud-managed, local network print solution that worked effectively across all of their UK schools
  • ALP schools no longer rely on print servers and print jobs are sent straight to the printer using’s universal print driver
  • Secure Print (job release at printer) was enabled to improve print security when teachers print confidential documents

Last year Graham Gosden, Head of IT at ALP Schools, contacted to find a solution to the organisation’s advanced print requirements. Together, and Graham were able to install a completely new solution that caters to the individual needs of each learner and provides every child with the opportunity to experience a successful education, no matter their background of special needs.

We sat down with Graham to find out more…

Hi Graham! How many ALP schools are currently using

ALP Schools is comprised of 3 separate schools (Pierview Academy, Parkview Academy and ALP Leicester) every school uses’s print solution. We remotely administer each site and we print a lot.

What sort of difficulties were you experiencing before using

We’d previously tried using Cloud Print and also another 3rd party print solution but were becoming increasingly frustrated with having to maintain the servers on-site. It was time to move to more reliable solution. All of our students have varied special educational needs so it’s important that we can cover the costs of additional staffing and extracurricular activities. By removing the servers, not only did we eliminate a huge cost but it also meant we had less equipment on each site.

What would you say the main benefits of are?

  1. Serverless – The main reason we chose is because it’s serverless and Cloud-managed, meaning there is no hardware onsite
  2. Control – You have a great deal of control via the admin control panel. As an admin, I am able to force install printers remotely which makes the installation process much quicker.
  3. Usability – All of our students and teachers find the solution really easy to use. They only see the printers they need to so there’s rarely any complications. It’s also great for admins because we can manage the system via the control panel and set certain print policies for different students/years to reduce costs.
  4. Secure Print – The newest feature we’ve had installed is Secure Print. It’s been  great for when staff need to print confidential documents/progress reports – prints no longer end up in the wrong hands!

How do the features differ from solutions you have used before?

The main difference and benefit of is that you don’t need a print server to process a print job. This was a huge plus for us, especially as we have sites distributed across the breadth of England. Removing our servers has not only saved us money, it’s also help to reduce support calls about lost print jobs.

What has your experience with been like?’s solution has been brilliant and suited our organisation’s needs far more than any other solution. The ongoing support David and his team have delivered has been second to none; the company has gone above and beyond to ensure we have all the required features to help our students receive the best education possible.

Would you recommend

Yes, definitely!

If you’d like to find out more about how can help your school/organization, send us an email at and we’d be more than happy to arrange a demo appointment.

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