IPP/CUPS printing for G-Suite administrators

IPP/CUPS printing for G-Suite administrators overview  

Ideal for schools, colleges, universities and enterprises where 'it just works' printing is absolutely required.

This extension enables local network printing for managed Chromebooks.

Printer configuration is performed through the G Suite admin interface.

Please note that this product does not include policy enforcement (mono/duplex) or smart toner reduction features found in the full directprint.io product.

Local printing brings speed, network efficiency and reliability advantages vs sending documents thought the Cloud.

This extension uses the same popular and proven print engine that powers thousands of print events weekly.


of the IPP/CUPS Printing Extension for G Suite Admins


Use your existing G Suite Admin console to configure your printers.
Location filtering: Filter the printer list to only show local (lan or cross-lan) printers - more advanced than standard printer discovery.

Secure printing.

Release print jobs at the printer using a 4-digit pin. Minimize your wastage.


Print and print cost reports provide optimization insight.


Local network printing, reliable, no missing print jobs.


No end-user configuration required

How is this different from the free IPP/CUPS extension?


Administrators require simple, effective, reliable solutions for non-technical end-users.

This extension allows a network administrator to specify a list of printers that are usable within an organizational unit.
This extension will then allow the user to select, but not modify the connection parameters of the printers.

Administrators can add, modify and remove local printers via the G-Suite admin console at will.
Users see the full list of printers in the Chrome print dialog (the free version only shows one).

Location filtering

The ability to allow end-users to filter their printer list by their current location. Admins specify one master list of printers. Users: filter the list to only see the local printers. Useful for multi-site organizations (schools, chainstores and others).

(Beta) Secure printing - PIN release:

Secure printing provides the ability for organizations to greatly reduce printer waste and improve document security by ensuring that the individual who requests a print job is standing at the printer when the job is printed. No more forgotten print jobs and wasted toner and paper.

Auto retry and print spooling:

This extension includes multi print-job spooling and automatic retry when printers are refusing jobs becase they are busy - useful for classrooms. The free extension does not have this enabled for G Suite users.


View printer, user activity and cost estimation reports online via directprint.io

For more detail

Check out our advanced feature overview and configuration guide here.

Setup video

Setup instructions

1: Find the extension in the store using the admin console.
Device Management -> App Management -> Chrome Management

2: Deploy the extension to your organizatonal units
3: Configure the extension with your IPP/CUPS printers by uploading a configuration file(s). See sample configuration file below.
4: Check that the extension has picked up the printer list.
If the extension has been successfully pushed to the users/devices a new printer icon will appear in the browser bar (top-right). Click the printer icon. If the printer list has not been correctly pushed to the extension you will see the error message above. If the printer list has been successfully configured you will receive a confimation of how many printers have been configured.

Background information relating to extension/app policy adminstration can be found here, please note the 'configure' section here. Tech details here: 'Managing apps via policy'

The printer list is uploaded to the Admin console as a text file, you can edit this text file with any text editor.

Example/template configuration JSON

You can test your printers using the free CUPS/IPP extension
The free version of the extension will allow you to export the printer list in a compatible format for upload to the G Suite console.

If you have a site license key please replace your-key-here with your key (maintain the double quotes)

Alternatively, you can download the sample/template here. - right click then 'Save link as..' to save the file to your computer.

Replace the names and URLs for the printers in your network. Please be sure to check your resulting JSON file for errors. It is a common cause of failure when pushing the printer list.
	"Printers": {
		"Value": [{
			"friendlyName":"Staff room 1",
		}, {
			"friendlyName":"Classroom 102",
	"Key": {

You may add additional printers by adding them to the array of printer objects. Printer friendly names will appear in the Chrome print dialog.

Let's talk !


If you are considering using this extension in an education or enterprise setting and need help in configuring your printers, let's talk.
We would love to help you get set up.
Drop an email to help@directprint.io and we will arrange a Hangout call to get you up and running.

For G Suite Admins

Simple licensing

Unlimited printers

Unlimited prints

Email support

Licensing this extension

You are welcome to try this extension in your organizaton for 14 days. After 14 days you are required to purchase an annual site license. Functionality becomes restricted after 14 days without a license.
A site license will remove all advertising and subscription prompts and will allow unrestricted printing. When you receive your license key, you will need to specify the key in the JSON configuration file (see instructions above).

License prices per year:
1-100 users: $250 / Eur 250 / £200 (site license includes 100 users)
101+ users: $2.50 / Eur 2.50 / £2.00 per additional user
500+ users volume discounts apply.
10% education discount on all volumes.

Buy online

Site licenses for up to 100 users are available using the purchase option below. If you would prefer to pay in Euros or Pounds email for an invioce in those currencies.

IPP/CUPS printing for G Suite admins - base license

After payment is received we will contact you within 24 hours with a site license key. No questions, 14 day full refund given in the event of any dissatisfaction.

Alternatively if you need a formal quotation before purchase or custom invoice please contact help@directprint.io, please include the number of users of the extension and a link to your District/School/College/University website if you are in the education sector.

Data collection and privacy policy

Please make sure you have read and understood the privacy policy for this application.
As an administrator you agree this extension can collect data from your users relating solely to the use of this extension (i.e print extension related activity only). If you have any questions please email us: help@directprint.io we would be glad to discuss this further if required.