Who we are and how to contact us

The print management system  (“the Service”) is owned and operated by Youmebee Limited, who trades as “” or such other trading name as may adopted or used ("we", “us”, “our”). We are registered in England and Wales under company number 10185321 and have our registered office at The Gate, Keppoch Street, Cardiff, Wales, CF24 3JW, United Kingdom.

To contact us, please do so via our Administrator Portal at

It is a condition of your use of the Service and before you have Administrator Level User access to the Service  that you accept the terms and conditions of this AL - EULA

There are other terms that may apply to you

This AL-EULA refers to the following additional terms, which also apply to your use of the Service:

Words defined in this AL-EULA

The following words when used in this AL-EULA mean:

Administrator Level User - a person to whom enhanced usage and access rights for the Service have been granted under the Subscriber’s authority and which enables the creation and administration of the accounts for the Ultimate End-Users of the Service on behalf of the Subscriber in accordance with the Subscriber Agreement.

Applicable Law -  all legislation, laws or regulations, regulatory policies, guidelines or industry codes in any jurisdiction (or sub-jurisdiction) to which any of the Subscriber, User and any Ultimate End-Users of the Service are subject and which are applicable to any of their usage of the Service.

Data Protection Legislation – all United Kingdom Applicable Law in force specifically relating to personal data and which applies to the use of personal data (including, without limitation, the privacy of electronic communications), to include the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

Subscriber Agreement – an agreement, whether for a free-trail or on a chargeable subscription basis and entered into by the Subscriber either with us directly or with one of our authorised Value Added Resellers, which governs, among other things, the charges payable, duration of contract, scope and description of the Service which may include a restrictions on the number of permitted Ultimate End-Users.

Ultimate End-User – an individual person who uses the Service in the course of their employment, work as a contractor or education with the Subscriber and who do not have any access rights or permissions to add or administer accounts other of users or to make any configuration changes to the Service.  Ultimate End-Users may be minors.    


  1. Free-trial User Terms – this section only applies for the duration of any free trial.

  1. Grant of Licence (not applicable during and free trial period)  

We grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to access and use the Service, strictly subject to the terms of this AL-EULA:

  1. Your rights as a User are derived from the Subscriber’s rights (not applicable to free trial Users)

  1. You must keep your Administrator log-in details safe

  1. Your Responsibilities as an Administrator Level User of the Service

  1. Our Liability (not applicable during any free trial period)

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. We are not responsible for the content of any links to third-parties

  1. Linking to the Service

  1. We are not responsible for viruses and you must not introduce them

  1. Data Protection

  1. Miscellaneous