Our Chromebook print technology is used by Enterprise, Education and Home users. Hundreds of thousands of users every week. Some are kind enough to leave reviews. Here’s what they have to say.

A breeze!

directprint.io makes managing printing on chromebooks a breeze. You have the ability to push policies and allocate prints by user or device. Great reporting, granularity, integration with G Suite, and secure print! Highly Recommend.

Catherine Weers

Great for Schools

As a Google for Education Partner we have been looking for a solution to enable Teachers and pupils to print reliably from Chromebooks and also have options for cost saving policies like limiting the number of pages users are allowed to print. Setting up directprint.io is quick and easy and the support we’ve received has been excellent. In a world where printing can be a massive pain in the neck directprint.io allows us to confidently tell schools that printing from Chromebooks is not just possible but easy and cost effective. Highly recommended!

This app is an absolute life saver

This app is an absolute life saver. I had an absurd amount of issues using Cloud Print for my Brother printer, it would always go offline and I couldn’t bring it back online etc.. This app allows me to bypass all that nonsense and print anything and everything without issue! An absolute boss app, thanks so much for developing this!

Prints every time!

Ok, who can I kiss, who can I hug? I have a Chromebook Pixel and have had trouble printing to my printer since I’ve had it. Google Cloud print works, but requires a PC to be turned on to use it. This extension solves my problem and prints every time I request it. I have a Canon TS9100 series printer. This is a Great Program!!

Chromebook connected with school’s printer

I just spent an entire day trying to get my chromebook connected with my school’s printer. I downloaded this and within 2 seconds, my documents were printed out. THANK YOU!!

If I could give this more than 5 stars I would!

This worked immediately for my Epson printer (WF-2530). If I could give this more than 5 stars I would!

As soon as the add-on was installed, a small dialog box popped up that said the printer had been added. I printed something within seconds and it worked flawlessly.

Its rare to find something that ‘just works’ without any user involvement, but this really does. Thanks so much for developing this add-on!

Awesome extension

My chromebook wouldn’t work with my older wireless Brother printer. I bought a new supposedly GCP compatible Samsung printer but still had the same problem. I couldn’t print from Chromebook despite it working with my Mac. I stumbled upon this awesome extension and a couple of minutes later I was printing away on my old and new printers. I’m taking the new printer back to the store. Thanks to this app, I don’t need it! Google Cloud Printing leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks directprint.io!

5 stars!

So simple and well-managed. Great if your wifi printer doesn’t have an in-chrome app already, easy to print with Chromebooks, Windows, or Macs. 5 stars!

Everything works superbly

After hours of frustration trying to connect my Google Chrome OS computer to my Brother MFC, I found this app in the Chrome store and installed.

My new printer was connected instantly and everything works superbly. So happy with this – would recommend if you have a Brother MFC.

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