Designed for G Suite. Print reliability & control.

When migrating your business to Google, Cloud and G Suite, it’s important to reassess your infrastructure needs. As someone who’s driving strategic change in your organization, you have the opportunity to re-define workflows, reduce on-site hardware and improve efficiency.

Say goodbye to the era of on-site print servers, say hello to a unique, enterprise-grade solution.

As an administrator using, you’ll:

  • Maximise print security – send your print jobs directly to the printer, confining them to your local network
  • Reduce maintenance – implement our serverless solution and have nothing to install or maintain on premise
  • Save your business money – apply print policies to printers to save toner and paper
  • Gain greater insight – view print statistics, generate reports via our Admin Control Panel
  • Prevent data-dumping – restrict print volumes to avoid unnecessary or potentially dangerous printouts

With, you’ll benefit from the efficiency of local printing while experiencing the convenience and power of cloud administration.

Secure Print
Protect your confidential documents by setting a rule which requires users entering a unique PIN number at the printer before the print job is released. 

Maximum Page Allowance
Do certain departments (such as HR) need to print more regularly than others? Decide which employees have printing priority and use to implement maximum page allowances.

Smart Draft Mode 
Setting certain departments to draft mode will help you save on toner. As well as the option of mono printing, our smart printing solution includes color reduction modes – perfect for printing multiple reports!

Admin Control Panel
Gain better print insight by using our comprehensive admin control panel. You’ll be able to analyse cost-per-side and per-page data, as well as produce reports which breakdown stats by user, printer, department etc.

Reprint Detection
There is no need to reprint a multipage document when there is only a change on one page.’s reprint detection offers the user the option to only re-print changed pages between drafts.

Duplex / double sided
By setting your default to double-sided printing, you’ll instantly halve your paper consumption.

Why is a great fit for your business?

  • Minimum disruption – Run your existing print systems in parallel with until you’re ready to switch
  • Predictable pricing – Our discounts scale with your activated users and there are no hidden costs
  • Serverless solution – Our software allows admins to concentrate on insight rather than set-up and maintenance

Get started

To get started, simply sign up for a free trial, on-board some printers, deploy the app and start printing. If you need any assistance, book a setup session with us free of charge. A no obligation 30 day evaluation will allow you and your organization to ensure that is the right print solution for you.

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