Print Management
Deploy. Secure.
Control. Track.

SaaS print management that empowers you to quickly and efficiently deploy, secure, control, and track printing for Chromebooks, Windows, and macOS environments. 

Perfect for enterprise, education or non-profit. cost-effectively streamlines print management from end to end.

Admins benefit from easy administration. Users benefit from simple, predictable printing.

Chromebook Printing - Easy Printing for End Users

Seamless Printer Deployment. Streamlined User Experience.

Frictionless deployment of printers to users. Admins can target specific printers to users, devices or groups.

Zero-touch deployment - no configuration is necessary for new devices or end-users.

A unified user experience across Chrome, Chromebook, Windows & macOS.

Provide advanced finishing options to end-users - delegate or force options such as staple, fold and punch.

Our cloud based, printer neutral solution integrates into any new or existing printer fleet

Discard Costly Print Servers.
Reduce Paper & Toner Use.

Become a serverless printing organization, keeping print jobs local while benefiting from the convenience of cloud administration.

Save your organization money – provides an array of paper and toner reduction features.

Improve print security – implement Secure Print when handling sensitive data. Protect your confidential documents.

Have greater control – apply print policies to Organizational Units (OUs), groups, individual printers or whole regions.

Chromebook Printing - Track, Trace & Control Student Printing

Actionable Insight.
Print Intelligence.’s intuitive web-based dashboard provides instant access to real-time data, providing insights by user, department, device and more.

Reduce support calls - spend less time searching for lost print jobs and more time on strategic IT transformation.

Detailed insights - budget and track costs, receive comprehensive print logs, and understand printer and user behavior.

Keep management informed - Surface up print related data to senior management with scheduled reporting and budget warnings.

Key Benefits of

Serverless Printing

Ditch your print servers, save money and time by moving your print infrastructure to the cloud.

Simple deployment

No need for manufacturer-provided drivers, our universal driver enables all print features.

Secure documents

Enable on-device secure print to ensure sensitive documents are released by their owners. 

Take control

Apply specific print policies to different types of users. Enable stapling and hole punching for some, force mono and duplex for others.

Action on insight

Instant, highly-detailed reports can help measure print usage, reduce bottlenecks and eliminate errors.

Remote printing

Mix Edge Printing with Local Network Printing to find the perfect balance of local vs remote print use-cases.

Responsible printing

Encourage eco-responsible printing to help the environment and save costs with our print nudge feature.

Service and Support

We're here for you, support from real humans. We will help you solve deployment challenges together online.

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