Hello fellow Chromebook user!

Printing getting you down? Thanks for checking out directprint.io, but it’s designed for Education and Enterprise administrators.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t care about home users, it’s just that the full directprint.io system will be overkill for what you need – and we don’t issue directprint.io licenses to home users.

We suggest that if you haven’t already done so, you check out one of our [FREE] products that are intended for home use.

My home

Home user software

WiFi Printer Driver

WiFi printer driver for Chromebooks – (Chrome application)

A no-fuss driver that automatically discovers the printers on your network.

IPP/CUPS printing for Chrome

IPP/CUPS Printing for Chrome and Chromebooks – (Chrome extension)

A fully featured extension that allows you to manually configure printer connection strings.

Please don’t use these drivers in a commercial context.

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