ANNOUNCEMENT launches Secure Print

Say goodbye to publicly printing confidential documents, and say hello to our super-secure alternative.

The new year is in full swing and with it, we have an exciting announcement! We’re thrilled to launch Secure Print, otherwise known as print-release, a vital tool which helps to improve print security and reduce waste.

Secure Print can be turned on by IT admins and helps to ensure the safety of confidential documents. Once automated, Secure Print requires a user to enter a unique PIN number at the printer before the print job is released.

Seems pretty handy, right? As well as improving print security, the feature can helps to reduce toner and paper waste by automatically deleting uncollected print jobs.

What’s more, Secure Print uses the printer’s built-in capability to store and release jobs, eliminating the hassle of external print release terminals or the installation of on-printer applications.

With off-the-shelf secure print configurations for Xerox, HP, Kyocera, Ricoh and other manufacturers, admins can now implement Secure Print workflows at no extra cost, with minimal configuration.

To use secure printing, hit print on your Chromebook, go to the printer, enter your PIN number/passcode and print.

Like what you’re hearing? Watch this space – we have a whole host of advanced printer functionalities to introduce throughout the course of 2019 in partnership with printer manufacturers, VAR reseller/development partners, and collaborating customers!

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