Cloud print management
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cloud print management

Print management, whether it’s in a single school site or across an entire district, can be a pain for IT. There’s always something to do. From connecting printers and users, keeping on top of on-premise server security patches, managing printer drivers and updates, or dealing with bandwidth and latency issues – the list goes on. is designed to reduce print-related IT burden. Our vendor-agnostic platform combines the power of cloud administration and local network printing, and has been built from the ground up to ensure a smooth, slick and quick roll-out. 

There’s no need to reallocate all of your printers, re-install multiple drivers on workstations, manually enforce print policies, or enable manufacturer-specific finishing options – it’s all taken care of – automatically.

Take control of your print environment

We know that IT teams working within K-12 schools and districts are doing all they can to maximise limited resources. In our last blog, we shared five reasons why the future of print is in the cloud and here, we explore some of the key features within the serverless print management platform that make printer deployment and management, as easy as ABC.

Device Radar

This handy tool utilises multicast DNS (mDNS) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) protocols to search for and identify all printers on your network. Devices are automatically onboarded to the platform and Device Radar leverages artificial intelligence to set individual devices’ best-known configuration and enable advanced finishing features such as staple, fold etc., where available.

Universal print driver

Our universal print driver can be installed through Google Workspace Admin, Microsoft Intune/PQD, or your favorite MDM tool, to all devices. It enables zero-touch deployment at scale, simplifies end-user provisioning and ongoing management. There’s no need to download, manually deploy or update individual print drivers, and it includes configurable advanced finishing options across all printers, ensuring a seamless, consistent print experience, regardless of the printer brand or brands you choose.

Simple printer provisioning

Directory sync capabilities with Google Workspace (and Microsoft Azure AD) as well as our proprietary internal directory, simplifies printer provisioning and ongoing management. IT admins can adopt a Group Policy to manage printers from a single console for improved security. End-users are allocated printers based on their login, so as soon as they turn their machine on, they automatically get the correct list of available printers, as well as access to advanced model-specific finishing options.

Google Workspace integration

Seamless integration with Google Workspace and Chrome OS provides IT admins with  frictionless deployment and robust, secure print capabilities. It’s really easy to apply print privileges or constraints on OUs, groups or devices. And, if end-users are created, moved or deleted, the platform automatically reconfigures their printer access.

Easy predictable printing QuickCodes enable IT to allow guest printing or grant special user privileges for a defined time period. Single sign-on via Google Workspace provides end-users with seamless access to the printers they need and Edge Print enables them to securely print when they are not on the same network as the printer.

Migrating to a cloud-based print infrastructure is a win-win for everyone. Cloud print management reduces complexity and lowers support costs. IT admins can automate time-intensive tasks and control the entire infrastructure – no matter how many users, devices or locations, from a single pane of glass. Implementing a cloud-first approach to print delivers hassle-free printing for individual users, eliminates common issues around connecting to a printer and removes the requirement to have the helpdesk on speed dial.

To find out just how easy it is to migrate print to the cloud sign up now for a free 30-day trial.

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