We believe that Chromebook printing should be reliable, powerful and easy to administer.

Founded in 2016, directprint.io was designed specifically for Chrome and Chromebook printer management, with the aim of making enterprise-grade Chromebook printing a reality.

As a Google Technology Partner, our system is fully integrated with Google G Suite. Our Cloud-based management and analytics help to streamline, provide insight into and improve reliability of your Chromebook printing.

directprint.io is comprised of two components:

  1. A SaaS (software as a service) printer management platform
  2. A universal printer driver (Chrome Store link)

Through combining the power of cloud administration and local network printing, our unique solution acts as an alternative to Google Cloud Print and aims to ensure a more reliable printing experience.  

Who would benefit from directprint.io?

Admins who:

  • receive support calls about lost jobs, offline printers etc…
  • don’t currently have print audit trail
  • want fine-grained control of who prints what and where
  • have a multiple printer brands/models in their business or school
  • don’t want to upgrade their printer fleet to Cloud Printers
  • want a simple print architecture and believe in a ‘serverless’ future
  • think they could save money on consumables e.g. paper, toner

If you struggle with any other the above issues, directprint.io could be the perfect fit for your organization.

Why directprint.io?

With over 350,000 weekly users and millions of print events logged every year, directprint.io’s technology is trusted by IT admins, home users, school districts and NASDAQ quoted companies all around the world.

Weekly Users350k+
Prints and pagesHundreds of thousands per month
Printer models in use300+
Active organization sizesFrom 10 users to 40k per organization

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About us

Based in the heart of the Welsh capital, Cardiff, directprint.io is a small company focused exclusively on the Chromebook market. Our first product, a simple pass-through printer driver, was released in 2016 and rapidly reached 100k weekly Home, Education and Enterprise users. The directprint.io print management platform was launched in 2017 and was quickly followed by our full-stack printer driver in 2018.

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David Jenkins – Founder/CEO, is a software leadership professional with 16 years industry experience.

He has been pivotal in the incubation and growth of a series of start-ups, having filled roles in engineering, technical sales and product leadership in large software product development organizations.

David specializes in web-tech and product innovation, and is proud to have founded https://directprint.io from the Welsh capital, Cardiff, UK.

“As a Chromebook early adopter, I quickly realised that printing was slow and unpredictable. I believed Chromebooks deserved more so I developed a solution that not only improved reliability and speed, but also simplified printing by removing the hassle of print servers.”
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