Control student printing. Reduce waste.

Whether you’re administering a single school site or a whole district from 100 to 100,000 students, can help you with Chromebook printing every step of the way.

You’ve probably tried Google Cloud Print, native printing or 3rd party Windows-centric print solutions and are already familiar with some of their shortcomings; lost jobs, offline printers, rebooting print servers and lack of configuration/accountability. It’s annoying, right? Well fear not, we’re here to help…

Unlike other print management solutions, was designed specifically for G Suite and Chromebooks and uses reliable local network printing.

As an administrator using you can:

  • Target printers to users, devices or both – Students only see the printers you want them to see.
  • Reduce support calls – spend less time searching for lost print jobs and more time on strategic IT transformation.
  • Save your school/university money – provides an array of paper and toner reduction features
  • Have greater control – apply print policies to Organizational Units (OUs), individual printers or whole districts.
  • Improve print security – Implement Secure Print when handling sensitive student data. achers can protect their confidential documents.
  • Receive statistics for every print job – our Admin Control Panel keeps track of your usage and expenditure

Sound too good to be true? Read ALP School’s case study on Chromebook printing to find out more about their experience with, or head over to our EDU partner – they look after 1000’s of Schools.

Our smart print policies have been designed with students and IT admins in mind. Help your school to cut waste, reduce toner and help save the environment.

Maximum Page Allowance
Are you afraid of students abusing print resources to print materials they shouldn’t, like ebook PDFs? With, you can limit the maximum page count per day for any user.

Reprint Detection
There is no need to reprint a multipage document when there is only one change.’s reprint detection offers the user the option to only re-print changed pages between drafts.

Secure Print
Printing confidential documents? Activate Secure Print and users will have to enter a unique PIN at the printer before the print job is released.

Smart Draft Mode
Color reduction and image zap leaves text perfect for reading but reduces toner on expensive images – perfect for printing multiple drafts! No other print solution offers this. Save up to 90% per page.

Double Sided (duplex)
By setting your default to double-sided printing, you’ll significantly reduce your paper consumption. With, admins can enforce or suggest double-sided (duplex) Chromebook printing for users.

Admin Control Panel
Gain better print insight by using our comprehensive admin control panel. You’ll be able to analyse cost-per-side and per-page data, as well as produce reports that breakdown stats by student, printer, department etc.

Why is a great fit for your school?

  • G-Suite integration – No LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) or SSO (Single Sign-On) is needed
  • No print servers – Unlike other solutions, there is no need to install or maintain servers on-premise
  • Push install our universal driver app Install the printer driver just as you would your Google Classroom apps
  • Zero-touch – No end-user action is required
  • Direct-to-printer = no anonymous printing from home vs Cloud Print

Get started with

To set up, simply link to G Suite, sync your OU (Organization Unit) structure, allocate your printers to OUs, deploy the app, and you’re done. Full setup instructions are provided within the Admin Console.

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