Whether you’re administering a single school site or a whole district from 100 to 100,000 students, can help you with Chromebook printing every step of the way.

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Control student printing

Grant printer access based on group, organizational unit (ou), or to individuals.

Zero touch deployment of printers to users.

Receive statistics for every print job – our Admin Control Panel keeps track of your usage and expenditure.

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Substantial cost & waste reduction

With our unique features for cost and waste reduction you'll see potential savings of up-to 80% on current print management solution

Reduce paper waste through our unique re-print detection.

Reduce toner usage with our color reduction and image zap features.

Reduce support time - spend less time searching for lost print jobs and more time on strategic IT transformation.

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Designed for Google Workspace is designed specifically for Google Workspace.

Fully synchronized with your Google Workspace data and organization.

Reliable local network printing with the flexibility of Cloud print administration.