is a printer management platform for Chromebooks and G Suite. It is comprised of two components:

  1. A SaaS (software as a service) printer management platform
  2. A universal printer driver delivered as a Chrome App

There are no servers to deploy and no on-site software to maintain.’s universal driver sends print jobs straight to the printer, offering better reliability and performance than Cloud-based document processing print systems.’s driver supports all major document types used by leading printer manufacturer makes and models.

If you’ve started your free trial, you’ll be able to use’s printer wizard to thoroughly test your printer fleet. If a printer doesn’t work, can usually suggest a configuration or introduce a new driver variation to support the printer. currently supports PDF, Postscript, PCL6/XL, PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL JetReady, PWG (Printer Working Group) and Airprint ™ compatible printers.

Our print solutions are priced yearly on a per-user basis.

A user is classified as someone who has the printer application installed and configured, and could print using

The minimum user base license is 100 users and increments in blocks of 10 licenses.

Licenses are allocated from a pool, meaning there’s no hard association between a user ID and license, so if you need to re-use licenses between users within a license year, that’s OK.

A license gives access to all features – we do not do tiered or feature-based pricing.

On request, we can provide custom quotations for organizations that have low Chromebook to G Suite user ratios. (e.g. ratios of 1 device to 5 users).

Per-device licensing is also available for organizations running public-access or guest session terminals.

Yes. Set-up support is provided free of charge to Education and Enterprise customers interested in 100 licenses or more. We remotely assist you via a Google Meet and we can usually get you printing and answer any questions you may have within a 30 minute call.

Book a setup appointment using the link below, remember to include the name of your organization and the number of users that you have.

If you license direct with us then (as standard) we offer best-effort next-working day email response.

If you need a higher level of support, we partner with a number of VARs (Value Added Resellers) and consultants to provide you with rapid, local support. Please check out our Partners page or email us at

We offer generous reseller margins for Referral or Value-Added Resellers. Reseller information can be found over on our Partners page:

Of course.

We are happy to provide written quotations and work with purchase orders etc.

We’re familiar with K-12 and US Higher Education purchase procedures. If you need W8 forms, we have them. If your district finance department issues checks (cheques) then we’re fine with that. No extra charges apply.

If you are a subscriber – i.e. you have purchased a license -please contact your nominated support person or

If you are currently trialling the product: Log into the Admin Panel ( and select ‘Get human help‘ from the left menu. uses Local Network Printing sometimes called Direct IP Printing to send jobs to the printers.

The print jobs do NOT get sent to the Cloud. uses the Cloud for Printer Management and Statistics. uses local network printing. The print jobs are sent direct from the Chromebook to the printer, not via the Cloud.

This improves reliability and speed.

The Admin panel will tell you as an administrator who’s printing what, where and how much it’s costing. Generate reports for a printer, room, OU, or an entire organization.

Administrators can set advanced print policies, duplex, color and page restrictions.

Read our full article on the full print stack.

Chrome OS contains CUPS, a print stack, we don’t think this is enough for most Enterprise and Education customers.

You need accountability, policies, advanced features such as secure print release and most of all scalability. None of these are currently provided by the Chrome OS CUPS implementation (correct as at Apr 2019). has developed unique features: For example print-storm back-off, which allows a classroom full of students to print to a printer at the same time without causing print failures. Clever.

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