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Drive strategic change, redefine workflows, & save money for your organization while reducing on-site hardware with our serverless print management solution.

With cross-platform support for Chromebooks, macOS & Windows we've got even the most complex deployments covered.

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Easy Google Workspace
Print Migration

Minimize any disruption by running your existing windows print systems in parallel with until you’re ready to switch.

A single, modern, server-less print management solution.

Support for Chromebook, Windows & Mac endpoints.

An ever-evolving solution to meet your business demands.

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Print Management SaaS control

Efficient administration

With, you’ll benefit from the efficiency of local printing while experiencing the convenience and power of cloud administration.

Reduce maintenance – implement our serverless solution and have nothing to install or maintain on-premises.

Streamline your printer management workflows.

Spend less time troubleshooting printer issues.

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Keep your data secure ensuring compliance

Print jobs never leave your local network keeping your data secure and keeping you printing 24/7/365.

Reduce data leakage; all print traffic stays within your network.

Traceability - Understand user print behavior and spot anomalies.

Get compliant - PIN release printing prevents unwanted data exposure.

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Cut waste, reduce toner.
Save your business money.

With, you’ll benefit from the efficiency of local printing while experiencing the convenience and power of cloud administration.

Max Page Allowance

Do certain departments (such as HR) need to print more regularly than others? Decide which employees have printing priority and use to implement maximum page allowances.

Reprint Detection

There is no need to reprint a multipage document when there is only a change on one page.’s reprint detection offers the user the option to only re-print changed pages between drafts.

Secure Print

Protect your confidential documents by setting a rule which requires users to enter a unique PIN number at the printer before the print job is released.

Smart Draft Mode

Setting certain departments to draft mode will help you save on toner. As well as the option of mono printing, our smart printing solution includes color reduction modes – perfect for printing multiple reports!

Double Sided

By setting your default to double-sided (duplex) printing, you’ll significantly reduce your paper consumption. With, admins can enforce or suggest double-sided (duplex) Chromebook printing for users.

Admin Control Panel

Gain better print insight by using our comprehensive admin control panel. You’ll be able to analyze cost-per-side and per-page data, as well as produce reports that breakdown stats by student, printer, department etc.