Flexible cloud printing for Chromebook users chromebook

When Chromebooks first launched, users only had one supported method to connect a printer to their Chromebook – Google Cloud Print. Then in January 2021, that service was deprecated.

At the time, there were a couple of alternative printing options. Chrome OS CUPS (native printing) – but that had limitations such as if their printer was not supported, users couldn’t install a new driver. There were also minimal administration and policy enforcement options, and importantly no print audit trail. For other devices or multi-OS scenarios, Google recommended the respective platform’s printing infrastructure, or working with a printing partner.

There was also a third (but impractical) option – not printing at all. Incidentally, there were also a lot of non-Chromebook users who used Google Cloud Print as it enabled them to print from anywhere, and Google didn’t offer them an alternative. 

Enter was originally designed to make enterprise-grade Chromebook printing a reality. We are a Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner and the platform is optimized and verified by Google to work great on Chrome OS.

This means that we provide Chromebook users – of which there are many – in fact it’s forecast that in 2022, nearly 30 million Chromebooks will be shipped globally – with a full- featured range of flexible printing options, such as direct print, secure print and finishing options, across all platforms.

Designed for Chromebooks is a full-featured cloud print management solution designed for Chromebooks that automates time-intensive tasks, enables the entire print infrastructure to be centrally managed, enables end-users to self-serve, and reduces the time IT have to spend troubleshooting printer issues.

Setting up managed printing for Chromebooks is really easy with We’ve even created a quick 10 minute guide which takes you through the process step by step.

Cloud print management for all

Importantly, we have invested heavily to bring all the benefits of our deep integration with Google to the Microsoft ecosystem. combines the power of cloud administration and local network printing. We cover all three major operating systems – Windows, Chromebooks, and Mac, deliver a consistent look and feel across Chrome, Chromebook,
Windows, and macOS devices, and we support the two major cloud productivity suite providers – Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Key features include:

Unique universal print driver. Simplifies roll-out and maintenance, resulting in zero- touch deployment at scale.

Device Radar. An innovative new tool that turbo-charges the printing device on- boarding process and enables customers to onboard and deploy an unlimited
number of printing devices and make them accessible to end-users, in just a few clicks.

Full directory integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Allows IT admins to deploy, secure, control, and track print activity across their organization.

• Autonomous directory synchronization. Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and integration mean that if end-users are created, moved, or deleted, the platform automatically reconfigures their printer access.

• Single sign-on. Provides Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 users with seamless access to the printers they need.

Manage print your way. Managed guest session, device allocation, kiosk, groups, organizational units (OUs) or individuals – whatever you need, we’ve got it covered.

• Policy management. Admins can apply print privileges or constraints on OUs, groups, or devices. Set print limits, mono enforcement, and duplex printing for some, while enabling advanced finishing options for others.

• Security-centric. Our secure print wizard makes security easy for administrators and end-users alike. With direct-IP printing, print jobs never leave your network and Edge Print a nifty feature built-into which enables users to securely print when they are not on the same network as the printer, keeps cloud print jobs secure and within Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure cloud.

So, if you’re looking to take back control of printing within your organization, and benefit from flexible cloud printing for Chromebook users, we’re here to help. We’re even offering a free 30-day trial, you can sign up here.

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