5 reasons why serverless print management makes sense

Did you know that the cloud-based print management platform compares like-for-like to legacy on-premise solutions? There’s parity in terms of the feature-set and functionality, the experience for end-users is seamless, and the adoption cycle and migration path are easy, painless, and automated.

If you’re still managing print via an on-premise server-based infrastructure, read on to discover five reasons why making the move to serverless print management makes sense.

Streamline print management

The serverless print management solution streamlines print management from end-to-end. The ability to automate time-intensive tasks and centrally manage printing devices and printing, from a single pane of glass significantly reduces the time required to troubleshoot printer issues; plus, advanced device monitoring capabilities (available as an optional module) help IT admins stay ahead of print-related support tickets, further lessening the load.

Simplify printer deployment is vendor-agnostic, it’s compatible with all leading printer manufacturers and more than 6,000 printer models, ensuring seamless deployment, even when you retain your existing devices.

It also includes several key proprietary features to simplify printer deployment. The Device Radar tool automatically locates and identifies all printers on the network, eliminating the tedious task of manual printer discovery, saving IT admins valuable time. Our full-stack universal print driver supports zero-touch deployment at scale, simplifying end-user provisioning and ongoing management. And directory sync capabilities with Google Workspace and Microsoft Azure AD ensures users are allocated printers based on their login, so as soon as they turn their machine on, they automatically get the correct list of available printers.

 Access for all (or some) – the choice is yours

With you’re in control. Admins can grant print privileges for OUs, groups and users, determine which groups or individual users can use which devices, including those available for remote printing; provide special print privileges to VIPs, or even remove print access altogether.

Edge Print makes it really easy to provide employees with secure access to printers whether they’re working from a remote location, branch office or at home. And for even more convenience, you can use a QuickCode to support BYOD practices, enable end-users to self-serve, allow guest printing, or even grant special user privileges for a defined time period.

 Improve cost efficiency and retain control is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) print management solution. Our cost-effective subscription model requires zero upfront costs, is flexible and allows you to scale up or down in line with your business needs.

Our pricing model is clear and simple, you only pay for print capacity as-a-service, and we have options for both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Data-driven decision-making

Advanced reporting and analytics are among the many benefits of cloud-based serverless print management platforms. provides instant access to real-time data and highly-detailed reports on printing patterns and user behaviors, allowing organizations to make informed decisions around print fleet optimization, identify areas of inefficiency and waste, implement eco-friendly printing policies, drive change, and reduce costs.

There are many reasons why serverless print management makes sense. Migrating print to the cloud reduces the burden on IT and makes printing less complex for end-users, plus there’s a huge value-add to the bottom line.

We can help your business unlock the full potential of cloud print management, Keen to find out how? Sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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