Serverless print management enables
data-driven decision-making

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Printing device monitoring, advanced reporting, and analytics are among the many benefits of cloud-based serverless print management platforms.

By migrating print infrastructure to the cloud, organizations can leverage advanced reporting and analytics capabilities to analyze printing patterns and user behaviors, identify areas of
inefficiency and waste, implement eco-friendly printing policies, drive change, and reduce costs. Plus, sophisticated printer monitoring capabilities help to reduce printer downtime and help admins stay ahead of print-related support tickets.

Enable data-driven decision-making

The intuitive cloud-based print management platform provides instant access to real-time data and highly-detailed reports on all printing activity, allowing organizations to make informed decisions around print fleet optimization.

Key benefits include:

Real-time visibility. Administrators can analyze cost per-side and cost per-page data, as well as produce reports that breakdown stats by individual, printer, department etc. all from
an easy-to-access admin control panel.

Powerful insights. Highly-detailed reports on print usage enable admins to identify areas where resources are under-utilized or over-used, spot areas of concern, and take steps to
reduce waste and rein in excess costs.

Cost control. Organizations can leverage accurate data around printing usage patterns, which departments or individuals are high-volume users, colour vs. mono output etc. to set print budgets for printers, rooms, properties or organizational units. will also send an email notification when budget levels are approached or exceeded.

Apply print policies. Comprehensive print logs by individual user, department, account code, print error, and more, empower IT admins to set and implement print policies. For example, the Smart Draft mode enables admins to set rules and restrictions on mono-only printing and introduce colour reduction modes that can save toner, paper, and countless empty plastic toner cartridges each month.

Encourage responsible print behavior. Insight over wasteful printing practices can be leveraged to encourage more responsible print behavior. One handy feature within the platform is Print Nudge, which encourages eco-responsible printing through timely notifications, prompting end-users to think about saving on costs and materials when

Monitor and track progress. The ability to view data that shows usage over time, enables organizations to track progress towards their goals, ensure initiatives are effective and impactful, and make any adjustments to further optimize print performance as necessary.

Printing device monitoring. In addition to advanced reporting and analytics around print usage and behaviors, also includes printing device monitoring capabilities. This value-added feature, which is available as an optional extra, is designed to reduce device downtime, increase printer availability, lower unnecessary print-related support tickets, and ultimately improve end-users’ printing experience.

View key performance information utilizes Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor printer status, device health, paper levels, volumes and toner levels. Admins can set up alerts to inform them of low supplies or device errors, view performance data in real-time via the admin console, and export it via CSV for further processing and analysis. This powerful capability streamlines fleet management, expedites problem resolution,
reduces unnecessary support tickets, and maximises device uptime.

IT admins benefit from a comprehensive overview of fleet performance, device status, supply levels, and counters – data that empowers them to proactively respond to common issues such as paper jams or low toner levels and in many cases, resolve them before an end-user experiences an issue.

Harness the power of reporting and analytics

By harnessing the power of reporting and analytics built into the serverless print management platform, organizations can improve operational efficiency, predict potential issues, optimize print fleet performance, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

If you’d like to leverage the power of advanced reporting and analytics to improve your organization’s print performance, sign up today for a free 30-day trial and discover the true value-add of smart and secure serverless printing.

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