Powerful G Suite integration & RAW printing

  • Comprehensive G Suite integration covers your complex printer deployment needs.
  • RAW Printing greatly increases the number of printers supported by //

Powerful printer deployment options: deploy printers to G Suite devices, users or both. includes the ability for admins to choose to deploy printers based on device, user or a combination of both. This opens up additional configuration options for admins.


  1. Printers allocated to Chrome devices: A school library has fixed Chromebox/Chromebook terminals and two printers. The devices never leave the library area. Users log in with their Google account. The administrator configures to allocate printer lists based on device OU membership – meaning that the library devices always receive the same 2 printers regardless of who logs in.
  2. Printers allocated to G Suite users: A school district manages all students and teachers thru a single G Suite account. The district has both high schools and elementary schools. Each school has multiple printers. When a user logs in at High School A, the user can only use printers in high school A, when an elementary student logs in at Elementary school B they can only use printers in elementary school B.
  3. Printers allocated to a mix of devices and users. A school has a mix of fixed and mobile Chrome devices. An administrator can configure the system to allocate fixed printer lists to the fixed devices, while allowing users who may be moving between devices a wider printer list.

Using the existing print policy capability, it’s also possible for admins to create different print policies (mono, toner save, duplex defaults, max page count) for student and teacher bodies within each example.  

This combination of deployment options and print policy enforcement provides a powerful toolkit for admins to improve reliability and control over printing within their organizations.

Raw printing protocol (port 9100)

Many more printers supported: introduces RAW port printing, also known as port 9100 printing. This feature greatly increases the number of printers supported by

As RAW Printing has been around since the dawn of network printing, introducing support for this protocol means that older printer models can be used with your new Chromebook fleet. Before you consign that old printer to the recycling, check to see whether it supports RAW printing.

RAW printing protocol will be autodetected by the setup wizard, or can be directly specified in the printer setup by specifying the printer as socket://<IP or host of printer>:9100

// is a print management solution designed for Chromebooks.Article by David Jenkins, Cloud Print, Chrome OS, Chrome are trademarks of Google