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Everything you need to deploy, secure, control and track printing on Chromebooks and Windows. makes print management from the Cloud easy.


As an admin, you’ll have access to detailed charts, tables and logs of print activity:

  • Budget & track costs (NEW!) – Specify print budgets for printers, rooms, properties, organization or Google Org Units and receive email notification when budget levels are approached or exceeded – never overspend on print again.
  • Receive comprehensive print logs – records each print by user, account codes, print errors and more
  • Printer and user charts – Understand how your print resources are being used across your organization. supports two types of secure print. These are:

  1. On-printer secure print release – Where the printer’s internal secure print capability is used – Canon, HP, Xerox, Sharp, Savin, Ricoh, Kyocera and more supported.
  2. Terminal-based print release – Where any printer can be secure print enabled by placing a print release terminal next to the printer

Secure print is the ideal tool for data security compliance and waste reduction.

Secure Print

Smart Draft Mode

Our unique toner/ink saving option helps organizations toner and paper

  • Customized print modes – Users can select a suitable print quality (draft, remove images, mono, ultradraft) for their current job – with preview
  • Default draft mode – First run prints of large documents can be defaulted to draft mode to save toner
  • Eliminating blank pages – Smart mode will ignore blank and 1-liner trailer pages

An easy way to save toner/ink and paper

All printer features available

Enable all advanced features such as staple, fold, punch, tray selection..

Advanced printer features with PPD file support

Delegate printer settings to the end-user or force settings – your choice.

Simply upload the printer PPD file to expose advance function settings.

No need for manufacturer drivers.

Super-flexible, very powerful.

Advanced Functions


Set print policies across your organization to cut costs, improve data security and ensure your business is being as environmentally friendly as possible. To see a full list of our print policies, check out our Education or Enterprise pages. 

With, you’ll be able to apply print policies to an entire Google OU or apply individual rules to groups, locations or individual printers.

G Suite Integration

Fully integrating your printing with G Suite is quick and easy. You don’t need LDAP or other 3rd party systems and there’s no complex setup. 

  1. Sync to G Suite – will automatically import your Organization Unit (OU) & Groups structure – in two clicks. 
  2. Start allocating printers to Groups, Users, Devices or any combination – For fixed Chrome terminals in the School Library, only show the Library printer, regardless of who logs on. For students carrying 1:1 Chromebooks, have their printer list reflect their classroom rota, regardless of which device they choose.
  3. Change OU structure, group or add users – will automatically sync the data.

Full instructions are provided within the Admin Console.

So, how does it work?

Chromebook printing no Cloud Print, no print serverThe architecture is simple:

1) A Cloud service for configuration and stats

2) A smart universal driver for Chromebooks and Windows


The driver app is a full stack print driver, it replaces the functionality of Cloud Print and the Chromebook’s built-in CUPS print system or Windows print drivers. Our driver supports IPP (Internet Printing Protocol), RAW printing protocol (port 9100) plus document formats for all major printer manufacturers / models including PostScript, PCL6, PCL5e, PCL5c, Airprint(tm), PWG (Printer Working Group) and PDF. Universal Print Driver = no new printers required

The driver also supports custom PDL/PJL so features like secure print and stapling can be enabled on a per printer-basis. There is no need for manufacturer provided drivers, all printers have the same predictable performance. Software for your mixed printer fleet is provided by a single solution – no messy driver deployments, no servers.

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