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“I just find so simple, it just runs, and I don’t worry about the print infrastructure at all.

Tad Hawkins, Technical Services 
Trillium Lakelands District School Board.


Whether you're in charge of one school site or a bustling school district, no matter the scale, is your perfect partner in the world of Chromebook, Mac and Windows printing.

Our innovative solution will empower you to focus on what truly matters - educating and inspiring your students.


Get ready to ignite strategic change, revolutionize workflows and boost your organizations budget - all while saying goodbye to bulky on-site hardware.

Welcome to our serverless print management solution with cross-platform support for Chromebooks, macOS and Windows.


Say goodbye to security worries, and let protect your HIPAA compliant documentation; shift your focus to your patients wellbeing while we help you cut costs.

Take charge of safeguarding valuable patient data across your healthcare organization.

Get going today and have a cloud print solution in under 45 minutes.

Not sure how to start? Let us do it for you…. all set-up support is included in your trial.

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